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Technical website audit is a full analysis of all the on-page factors that affect website’s rankings in Search engines.

I have my own checklist that consists of more than 80 factors, all of them will be checked during my technical audit.

About Igor Lav

To get terrific results from Google organic search, I know from experience that your website technical SEO has to be perfect or as close as it could be. I have a check-list audit process, covering five facets of technical and onsite SEO, making certain each part of these areas are reviewed, identified and solved.

Depending upon your objectives I will do a fast high degree on-page auditing or make an exhaustive list of search engine optimization audit to construct my recommendations on. In any case, as simple as on-page search engine optimization auditing seems, the devil is in the details. The majority of the time, on-page search engine optimization factors are easy to repair, as opposed to more specialized server side SEO, and because of this can offer maximum bang for the buck.

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Cases You Will Need a Technical Audit

  1. Complete Technical SEO audit – an assessment of the functional elements that influence organic traffic, targeting issues associated with crawling, indexation, and standing.
  2. New Website Launch – an audit to prepare a new site for organic search achievement. Optimization includes analytics execution, site architecture evaluation, crawl route optimization, and review of additional crucial search engines optimization elements like robots.txt and XML sitemap.
  3. Migration Audit – an investigation to make sure all search engine optimization elements are considered and implemented throughout the website migration procedure. Normal situations include migrating your site to a different domain name, merging a different domain into your existing website, and site redesigns.
  4. Traffic reduction Analysis – a technical evaluation to find out the reason behind organic traffic reduction and keyword rankings throughout the website. We specialize in recovery solutions for sites affected by Penguin, Panda, manual penalties, new website migrations, and much more.
  5. On-page recommendations – evaluation of the HTML variables for keyword optimization across your website. On-page HTML elements include Titles, H1-H6 headers, meta descriptions, URL structure.

SEO Analysis Will Help

  • Check Your Website’s health with my Search Engine Optimization analysis;
  • Prioritize SEO issues and determine what to fix;
  • Track SEO optimization advancement;
  • Locate and fix hreflang tags mistakes;
  • Ensure the safety of your site with HTTPS checks.

Client testimonials

Very good short initial SEO audit project with Igor as our first experience working with him. He has been professional, transparent, and a very strong communicator. He delivered the SEO audit we asked for quickly and was very thorough. We are opening a 2nd job with him to work with our web developer to implement all the changes/fixes needed as a result of the SEO audit.

Doug E.

Doug E.CEO - AllyHealth

I’ll detect all on-page SEO issues of your site!