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Usability audit is an evaluator measure the usability, efficiency, and effectiveness of the interface based on usability principles.

I’ll make recommendations for rising conversions of your site that effects on navigation, content structure, forms of conversions.

Usability optimization process

It helps to make your website user-friendly
Website structure analysis
I’ll analyze your website structure and make suggestions how to improve it.
Content quality assessment
I’ll check quality, relevance and benefit which this content brings for customers.
Website navigation convenience
I’ll check navigation for your website: TOP menu, submenus, contextual linking.
Visitors involvement analysis
How much time visitors spend on your site? How many pages do they visit? Which pages are the most visited and why? I’ll give answers to all these questions.
Mobile friendly check
Is your website theme suitable for mobile users? I’ll check it at this point.
Website speed check
I’ll check your website speed loading with using Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix and give your recommendations how to improve it.
A/B testing
We’ll test changes. I’ll compare results before and after usability improvement.
Bonus for WordPress websites
Next staging: link building

About Igor Lav UX Testing Service

Usability testing may be utilized in some ways throughout your project lifecycle. Despite not having the ability to mimic real life use, usability testing remains the best way of ensuring your site supports users in achieving their goals efficiently. When businesses meet the requirements and expectations of the users, they’re more likely to develop a thriving service.

Igor Lav lecture for IT-Forum 2016

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Video (Matt Cutts) – about AJAX and JS rendering

How to Conduct UX Research

  • With input new members to your company team, designing and preparing jobs for participants;
  • Recruiting users with a range of disabilities, as appropriate for the product – blind, low vision, motor impaired, deaf and people with cognitive disabilities like dyslexia and learning disabilities;
  • Conduct a pilot test to identify any problems with the testing protocol;
  • Assessing the testing either at a usability tab or via remote testing;
  • Evaluating and prioritizing the findings, making recommendations.

The Benefits of usability testing

  1. Increase conversion rates and boost sales.
  2. Reduce help desk or call center costs.
  3. Get stakeholder buy for necessary changes.
  4. Answer unresolved questions raised by web analytics.
  5. Identify underlying or systemic issues typically overlooked in the smaller-scale study.

Reports include illustrations with callouts, discussions of best practice, and technical recommendations. We personalize our deliverables to serve your needs. You opt for the format. We can provide results as written documents, slide decks or live presentations.

I’ll rise your website conversions.