SEO Strategy

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SEO strategy is a high-level plan to achieve online goals under conditions of uncertainty, which is based on competition grade and your resources. I’ll determine keywords you need to rank for in Google TOP-10, pages you need to create, qantity of content and back links you need to place to get organic traffic.

    SEO strategy process

    First step to website promotion:

    1. Define your target audience – one of the best business practices of successful people is to identify their target audience. It can be likened to trying to accomplish a mission. Defining your target audience involves some steps such as; looking at your current customer base, checking your competition, analyzing your competition, analyzing your product and other extra resources.
    2. Keyword research – keywords are high-ranking words on search engines. Therefore, keyword research is a primary job in SEO that includes observing the words or phrases that your target audience finds on search engines. There are many ways of carrying out keywords research, either manually by describing your competitor keywords or by using keyword research tools.
    3. Competitor analysis.
    4. Website structure creation – a vital aspect of a site’s SEO performance. Every website must have a real “structure” to achieve a good SEO performance. It might be hectic and streamlined, or it may be disorganized. The better your site structure, the better your chance of higher ranking in search engines. If you are deliberate and careful when creating your site structure, you will surely have a site that achieves search excellence.
    5. On-page SEO recommendations – the practice of optimizing your web pages to rank higher and earn more significant traffic in search engines. It also refers to content and HTML source code of a page that can also be optimized. Several on-page factors could affect search engine rankings, such as content of page, title tag, and URL.
    6. Content recommendations and plan – focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content. It does not include the words on the page only but also the images and other multimedia that are used. Making sure that you have consistent and useful content that is well structured and easily seen is important in improving the experience of the visitors of a website.
    7. Backlinks sources and plan – when an external site links to yours, a backlink is created. Backlinks are a very common feature of high-ranking sites. However, before you go into link building on your site, you must make sure it is ready for backlinks by ensuring the site is technically optimized, have a strong site structure and have contents of value. In building backlinks, keep it relevant, focus on real websites with real traffic and distribute your anchor text smartly.

    Result of my work – you will know what and how to do step-by-step. Knowing and understanding the basics and essence of SEO strategy is paramount, but even more important is to know how to do it. Setting up a progressive and systematic SEO strategy as previously discussed, and with the right tools, will help you to achieve maximum results.

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    Seo Expert Igor Lav

    Igor did exactly as I asked and found issues that were hurting us badly. Communicated well and highly recommend him.

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    About Igor Lav SEO Strategy Service

    Together with my SEO Strategy Report set up, you’ll have the roadmap to guide you on your way. You wish to breathe fresh life into your online presence, or if you’re developing a new eCommerce site, then I have the resources and the expertise that will assist you to maximize your site’s potential. Having helped you with your direction’s development, I would be delighted to assist you in the implementation of our recommendations on a basis or as part of a comprehensive consulting program.

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    When It’ll Be Useful for You

    1. You will need to optimize your site. Since you do not know where to start, you’ve known for some time, you just have not gotten around to it.
    2. Need a search engine optimization plan that can allow you to prioritize, put the pieces together, and create your desire.
    3. Don’t earn revenue from your site and you need to determine why and how to change this.

    My SEO Strategy Helps When

    • Products, your business, services and priorities have evolved and altered – but messaging, your site copy, and keywords haven’t kept up;
    • Your site marketing efforts are in need of TLC;
    • You are prepared to do what it takes to drive traffic and leads and have never done SEO;
    • You need to know how to take your Search Engine Optimization efforts
    • You have tried SEO, but it’s not working;
    • You are in need of retainer SEO services or unsure if you can afford.

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    eCommerce SEO

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    Since the goal of a search engine optimization strategy is to generate leads or revenue, every effort is built by me within a framework aimed at optimizing the quantity and quality of the website traffic. What follows is a detailed look at the methodology behind my SEO strategy.