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Start-up is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service.

I’ll analyse potential demand, niche, competitor sites. Also I’ll help you to make SEO strategy to run successful startup – where to find potential customers, and how to bring them on your website.

Startup SEO process

I'll determine your niche and find potential customers
Niche analysis
Niche analysis must be something you do when you start a business in this digital era. Niche analysis performs market research and looks into your competitor’s products. Using niche analysis will help you to secure a place in the digital market. Unless you’ve found a profitable niche, there is no point in having found unique keywords.
Keyword research
Keyword research happens to be the foundation of SEO. This is one of the most important marketing tools of the 21 century. By researching keywords for your business, you can find target customers and know how the market conditions are changing. With this, you will be able to adapt to changing market conditions and cater the demands effectively.
Site architecture development
This is just like building design done to a site instead. A website’s architecture must include UI and UX designs, usability, graphic design and content strategy. Websites ought to be built around content, not too much or too less. The key to being an effective business owner is to have great site architecture. Great architecture = Better sales!
Content strategy development
Having relevant content in your site is important, not a bunch of fancy words with wild colors. It’s the content quality and not the quantity that matters. If your audience finds what they want in your content, they are likely to recommend your business to others. Moreover, keeping your content updated will ensure you stay in the market longer.
On-page SEO
On-page SEO optimizes individual web pages to direct relevant traffic to your site. In this method, the HTML source code will be optimized along with the meta description and title tags, unlike an Off-page SEO which refers to external links. On-page SEO improves your business’s search rankings, making it pop up more often in search results.
Citation creation
Citation creation is the process of creating an online reference to your business’s name, address and contact number. Google uses these criteria to evaluate your business’s online authority. Citations are one of the factors that affect your Google search ranking. Moreover, if the same citations are listed in 50+ websites, your website will be considered reliable by Google.
Link building
Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to a page on your site. Building high-quality links is a crucial factor to achieve high organic search rankings since Google looks at the link popularity as a factor to determine search rankings. And a link to your website on another reputed site undoubtedly boosts traffic your way!
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The massive benefit Startups have over established businesses which they can plan their online presence with SEO in your mind. Creating a website with SEO objectives considered at the start is far stronger than simply tweaking an already existing one. This is one of those weapons most successful startups have used in the last couple of years. We don’t need to remind you that a few of those startups are now called big multinational companies.

Startup marketing is a complicated science. Some fantastic ideas have failed because of a lack of media attention and client awareness. Others have gone thanks to a bad strategy. Still, other amazing thoughts have spiraled to billion dollar popularity! Well, founders everywhere can quit looking for that elusive key to startup advertising success. It is simply the sweet spot between articles promotion and PR.

I’m bringing all my our search engine optimization services and expertise to bear on your website in a manner that enriches every characteristic for SEO. I am confident that can make a massive difference in bettering your search engine positions, and significantly enhance the favorable growth path of your startup.

I’ll help to run your online startup.