Search Engine Reputation Management

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Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is the act of attempting to shape the public perception of your brand by influencing information about it, primarily online. I’ll monitor of the reputation of your brand on the internet, address content which is potentially damaging to it, and use customer feedback to solve problems before they damage the brand’s reputation.

    SERM Process

    I’ll make your online business more successful:

    1. Citation analysis – is a thorough review of all citations of your business on the internet. If you want to optimize your website for SEO and improve your rankings significantly, then you must not underestimate the power of citation. Citation building and analysis though can be very tedious, accounts for a major portion of ranking factors. Besides bringing more visitors and checking wrong information about your business, it makes your business very easy to access.
    2. Reviews monitoring – testimonials are highly important for the health of your business online. Therefore, you need to ensure you monitor reviews as timely as possible to be kept up to date about what customers are saying. Reviews monitoring helps you watch the web for new reviews to ensure you don’t miss out on important things about your business.
    3. Working with negative reviews – reviews monitoring is very important but taking your time to respond to your customer can give you a competitive advantage. This is because response builds trust and in turn, loyalty from customers. However, in working with a negative review, responding with an apology, explanation or incentive has proven most effective in winning customers back.
    4. Placing PR articles – public-relations are very critical in the management of your business’ reputation online. It also can impact your SEO directly or indirectly and so should be given enough attention. Articles placed on PR sites and social nets to solidify the reputation of your business can be a very useful tool to start with.
    5. Social nets monitoring – makes it possible to gather public online content (from blog posts, tweets, online reviews and Facebook updates), process it, and see whether something negative or positive is being said that could affect your reputation.
    6. PR in social nets – negative contents can also affect your sales, and addressing the criticism on the site may not be enough. A proper PR strategy should be developed on the social nets which usually have heavy users, not only to counter the effects of negative opinions but also to capitalize on them in further painting your business in a good light.
    7. A new scheme of communication with customers – customers love their voice to be heard and quickly responded to. Finding a new and faster scheme of communication with your clients apart from the usual will paint a picture that you hold your customers dearly.

    Result of my work – better visibility and more trust for your business. Your business will have a better visibility within the internet space, more credibility and improved customer relationship compared to your competitors. This result in more sales and rapid business growth as your client base keep increasing. Better conversation with your potential customers.

    Seo Expert Igor Lav

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    About Igor Lav SERM Services

    Search Engine Reputation Management is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. These are times when free thought and opinion is honored by the research results in blogging platforms, forums, social networks, etc. Due to this, businesses that commit errors can face grave consequences in getting bad reputation leads to the search engines. Reverse SEO is just for handling these negative search engine success.

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    SERM Refers To

    • Reputation problems caused by Google Autocomplete;
    • The negative search results on the first SERP;
    • The negative connotation associated from the Google Suggestions in the bottom of the SERPs.

    I Can Help In Such Cases

    1. Create positive mentions about your company.
    2. Move negative results off the first page of Google SERP.
    3. Move positive results into higher positions.
    4. Let customers find the desired content.

    Online Store Optimization

    eCommerce SEO

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    Tracking your standing is an ongoing endeavor, and there’ll always be new places you’ll have to be worried about. As the landscape of this Internet evolves, so too will the properties that you will need to track and the tools required to do so.