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The Manual Actions report lists instances where a human reviewer has determined that pages on your site are not compliant with Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

I’ll analyse your website content, internal optimization, backlink profile and remove all negative on-page and off-page factors.

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A manual actions generally will involve a particular violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. An algorithmic penalty usually entails an upgrade like Panda or Penguin that knocks you back into the ranks because of your website’s content or because of search engine optimization practices that seem like spam.

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Penalties at which the webmaster is supposed to have purposely manipulated the algorithm are somewhat trickier, particularly regarding the link-related manual actions. In manual actions, a human will be reviewing whether your website is no longer trying to match the algorithm.

Types Of Google Manual Actions

  1. A site-wide manual actions -t his section will allow you to know if your whole site has been penalized, and the reason behind the penalty.
  2. A partial guide action – this section will allow you to know if specific components of your website have been impacted, in addition to the reason and extent of the guide action taken because of this. Under ‘Affects,’ you might see either ‘Some incoming links’ or a list of certain URLs or sections which have been impacted.

Retrieval from guide actions that didn’t result from intended manipulation – such as a website being hacked or hosted on a spammy free host is rather straightforward. As soon as you clean up the website or change hosts, you can submit a reconsideration request and will probably recover any ranking reduction in full.

After being penalized you don’t have any choice but to stick to the Google Webmaster Guidelines strictly. This is going to be a tough pill for many to swallow as the revocation of a penalty is merely the first step in what’s very likely to be a very long recovery period to regain rankings and traffic.

If you have a manual action against hyperlinks, then you did something wrong, or somebody pulled some Black-Hat SEO on you. I have cleaned up several of these penalties. So I spent much time dealing with these problems.

I’ll recover Google organic traffic.