Google Penalty Recovery

Hourly Rate $21 / One Time Fee $840

Recent updates to Google’s search algorithms have resulted in penalties given for wrong or suspecting SEO strategies. Such sanctions can have a severe impact on a website’s search rankings. I’ll analyze your website content, internal optimization, backlink profile and remove all negative on-page and off-page factors.

    Penalty recovery process

    Detection of penalty type:

    1. Working with Google Search Console – this is a free Google service, previously known as Google webmasters, that helps in maintaining and monitoring your site’s presence in Google search results. Google search console gives you access to details about search appearance, search traffic, crawl data, indexing status and other educational resources.
    2. Traffic analysis – has to do with the process of examining traffic data to track key performance indicators of any marketing campaigns you develop. It helps you to optimize the efforts you’ve put into marketing according to the behavior of your website’s visitors.
    3. Content analysis – should also be carried out to optimize contents for your site. Ensuring that your content is appealing enough to your target audience is paramount in getting them to patronize your business, by using either or a combination of text, images or videos.
    4. Backlinks analysis – helps you to work out what’s going on and how to recover your site when it has a penalty at that moment. Many people have no idea of what to do when they’re facing penalties. But, it’s simple. The first thing to do is to discover the problem, and it’ll be very simple to solve it, hence, the importance of analysis.
    5. Keywords in TOP-100 of Google – keywords that are searched the most. It could either be related to a well-identified brand or not.
    6. Visibility in Search Engines analysis – online-based search engine optimization and submission instrument that guides you to optimize your website. It shows you how to upgrade internal and external aspects of your site.

    Actions to recover rankings and traffic:

    1. On-page SEO – we’re referring to Meta tags and keyword density that are strategically implemented to bring on more search engine traffic from every single piece of content you publish on your website. This helps you to leverage on getting traffic from every content you put out there.
    2. Toxic backlinks disavow – unnatural links that disfigure the search rankings of a website. Google’s Penguin penalizes sites which have bad backlinks. The way to remove a toxic backlink is to get rid of the bad ones from the good links and by contacting the owner of the site in case you’re unable to do it.
    3. Submitting the reconsideration request – an order to have Google check your site after fixing problems noticed in a manual action notification. Submitting a reconsideration request is done by signing into your search console account, verifying all versions of your site, fixing all issues and then clicking on ‘request a review’ to ask Google to reconsider your site.
    4. New content creation – creation of a new collection of contents for your website. It is quite a necessary action to take after your site has been redeemed from a penalty.
    5. Link building – occurs when you acquire hyperlinks from another website to yours. Link building is an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) as it implies that valuable and unique content is being created on your site. Irrespective of a history of a penalty, your site is on its way to prominence with link building.

    Seo Expert Igor Lav

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    About Igor Lav Google Penalty Removal

    A wide range of factors can cause your website traffic or rankings to drop abruptly, but penalties assessed by Google are among the first things we look for when diagnosing the problem. Links to a low-quality website, hidden text, keyword-stuffed content, and much more can trip one of Google’s penalty filters and knock one out of a fantastic spot on search engine results pages.

    Google Manual Penalty

    Google manual actions recovery

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    Thin Content Penalty

    Google Panda Recovery

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    Google Penalty Types

    • Backlinks Penalty – unnatural link building;
    • Thin Content – pages with less than 300-500 words of content, or content duplication;
    • Hacked Website – hacked websites are marked by Google in SERP;
    • Cloaking – presenting different content or URLs to human users and search engines;
    • Pure Spam – using of aggressive spam techniques;
    • User-Generated Spam – non-unique content or too many backlinks which can be placed by your visitors on your website pages;
    • Hidden Text or Keyword Stuffing – using of unnatural keywords amount and hidden content to manipulate Google algorithms.

    My Penalty Assessment Service

    1. Manual Analysis – rather than leaving it up to glitch-prone software, I’ll manually review your website, ensuring you that no detail of your website goes overlooked.
    2. Expertise – with nine years of internet marketing experience I helped numerous of sites with their SEO and Google penalty retrieval support.
    3. Constant Monitoring – my work does not end after recovering your site. I’ll continually track your web page and search engine upgrades to prevent future penalties.

    Unnatural Backlinks Penalty

    Google Penguin Recovery

    Starts From $840

    So if you think or even if you know a Google Penalty has hit you, and if you want the best possible chance at recovery from that punishment, then you need someone who can offer you the ideal services. Once you’ve been hit, the last thing you need to do is spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on services which don’t even address the highest priority issues you are facing.