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WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It’s the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web.

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WordPress on-page SEO features

Pros of WоrdPress
Accessibility of Content Updates
It is specialized software that is utilized by the developers. Most developers suggest using this because it is very easy for the user to update it once it is created. You can easily access the content on the page like: images, texts, and videos. You can also create the custom widgets and text areas for generating the codes.
Transparent Development
It is tough to develop the code because there’s a need to take care of every bit and bytes related to it. The best thing about the WordPress is that it has offered many of the themes to their users and also makes available the plugins for it. WordPress provides the sources code under the GPLv2 license.
Open Source Code
WordPress as an open source software allows their users and developers to access the source codes that are freely available for the developers so that they can modify and make changes according to their needs and requirements. It is to the benefit of the users that they can modify and alter the code and can make the new design and can share with other without paying the license fees to the WordPress.
Free to Use
WordPress is the very cost effective, and it is not that expensive as the other CMSs. This is one of the reasons that 26% of the developers use WordPress and it is gaining more popularity.
Easy to Install
It is relatively easier to learn than the other CMS. The non-technical person can install and learn quickly by putting some efforts into it.
Security Plugins
iThemes Security and Word Fence are exquisite security plugins in the WordPress. These plugins facilitate its operations with the application firewalls, manage all the inbound requests and block all the malicious virus that could harm the system.
Cons of WordPress
Limited Permission
Other content management systems allow their users to create a group and assign permission to other members to work there. However, in the case of WordPress, your job can’t be shared with any particular group thereby limiting people’s capacity to edit on the site for progress and development.
Internal API Inconsistency
The Internal API has a lot of inconsistencies as it has never been designed for the object-oriented platform.
Custom Layouts and Themes can be Tricky
The WordPress CMS has lots of things that are better than the other CMS, but when it comes to the layout and themes, it offers the limited and basic design. If someone wants to make his/her site unique from the others, then this requires putting lots of efforts to design a unique theme and create different layouts. That is not only time consuming but difficult too, so you need to be very much experienced and possess a leading expertise in the website development.
WordPress is well-known open source CMS software throughout the World. It was started in 2003 with a single bit of code to improve the typography of daily writing. In its early days, there were only a few users, but now it has frequently been used by the professional developers usually for going online, content creation, web designing and managing the information.

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