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Wix is a cloud-based web development platform that was first developed and popularized by the Israeli company also called Wix. It allows users to create HTML5 web sites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools.

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Pros of Wix
Abundant Designs
Wix is the only open source CMS that allows you to use 510 professional designs (themes and templates) that are all updated. If you are not that much creative and reluctant to make the new ones, you can choose the already made templates that are pretty much better and provides pre-built layouts for different industries.
Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
Wix helps you to create your website with the aid of artificial design intelligence. But the adverse thing is that it is meant for only a few types of project and not all.
Adding Animations
The website looks very attractive and eye catching when there are animated elements, but unfortunately, there are only a few CMS that allows you to animate your content, text and other entities. The good news here is that Wix is one of the few that permits you to add animations.
Solving arising issue is paramount web development. Most of the time, developers working with new codes get stuck, and it’s difficult for them to figure out the exact problem, but Wix offers the help button to sort out your problem.
Speed Loading
When it comes to speed, Wix is the best option to be chosen because it is very fast and easy.
All security concerns have been well taken care of by Wix.
Cons of Wix
Templates Can’t Be Changed
Choosing a template should be your wise decision when you are using the Wix. When you are selecting your initial template, make sure that is the best for you because there is a flaw in the Wix that does not allow their developers and users to change the template. If you have chosen once, you get locked in with the first template. You can, however, modify the design of the template, but you cannot pick a different one.
No Access to the Source Code
Some of the CMS allows you to use the HTML and CSS on your website, but Wix does not permit you to work on the HTML and CSS while editing, or creating your website.
Wix charges you $8.25 for the month in comparison with other CMS that costs you $7.5 or less. So it is costly than the other CMS.
Wix is one of the leading web development platforms that allow their users to develop a cloud-based site. Wix has about 52 million registered members throughout the globe. It is an open source CMS that you can find freely over the internet without investing in it. It offers various designs and templates to make a better outlook of the website. Wix is the only software that allows you to use drag and drop without restrictions. It has some pros and cons for using Wix.

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