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TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system written in PHP. It is released under the GNU General Public License.

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Pros of TYPO3
TYPO Script
More than 4500 extensions are available, and it is still allowing their users and developers to develop their extensions for purposes of presentation and configuration.
Different Levels of Rights and Permissions
TYPO3 allows to you to manage multiple websites upon single installation. It permits various consent levels to be set up for the backend users.
Content Management at a Granular Level
It is only on this content management system that you can independently create multiple kinds of content distinctly on every page. As an example, you can file links, photos, videos, text, and form on the TYPO3.
Open Source
TYPO3 is open source software that allows the users and developers to access the source code for free. Thus, users can change and modify the code to their advantage without paying the license fees to the TYPO3.
Endless Flexibility and Ready-Made Extensions
TYPO3 has an unlimited flexibility which allows the users to create professional and advanced e-solutions for web optimization. The extensions are also prefabricated, and their activation permits easy implementation of additional functions. Such extra functionalities could be found in the repository of TYPO3 extensions and installed via the admin dashboard. While using TYPO3, it is advisable that users get accustomed with the proper documentation of TYPO3 API as much as they can to explore the peculiar functionalities fully.
Unlimited Undo's
Some of the CMSs don’t give the developers the option of undo, so they have to pay full attention to maintain the content. But when it comes to the TYPO3, it allows you to correct your errors for unlimited time.
Online Tutorials
There are many keen newcomers in web development. For those who want to learn more, the online tutorials are available for them so they can gain more expertise from there and develop eye-catching websites and valuable content for their clients.
Cons of TYPO3
Challenging to Edit Content
Most of the developers complain about the content editing in the TYPO3 that it is challenging and not that much easy as in the other CMS.
As it is one of the oldest content management systems, most of the time, their admin panel is overloaded because of its high number of functions that are made available to the user.
Difficult to Manage
To maintain and develop the content or upgrade the website, you require the web developer to update it because it requires the technical skill that is not understood by ordinary people. A non-technical person can’t upgrade the website so it would be expensive for the small business to create a website on this. This is because whenever they upgrade, they’ll have pay for it.
Kasper Skarhoj created the TYPO3 CMS in 1997. It is an open source modular software which allows the users to create the website without having knowledge of HTML. It is one of the oldest content management system (CMS), so more than the 300,000 websites have been developed from on it. Most of the famous and well-known business website has been designed with the help of TYPO3. They include the General Electric, Samsung, Stanford University, New York Time Magazine and others. Here are some pros and cons for using the TYPO3.

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