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phpBB is an Internet forum package written in the PHP scripting language. Available under the GNU General Public License, phpBB is free and open source software.

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Pros of phpBB
Free Usage
This open source software is free to use as you can share the content and code within the circle. There is no any legal restriction on it. phpBB can be downloaded from their official website at no charge, and they also offer the trial version for quick review. Its installation is easy and comes with a demo for installing the software.
Making your website look attractive is the only way to attract customers. phpBB offers the needed customization as you can use the source code to customize your site and web design according to your specifications. The phpBB CMS provides hundreds of themes that instantly change the look of your website to make it appealing.
There are millions of phpBB users, so making it more secure is the core priority of phpBB developers. To protect your forum from spam bots, you can employ phpBB’s anti-spam features by just updating to the latest version. Such updates re-enable your email confirmation and reCaptcha which all ensures that you’re dealing with humans and not bots. To complement the efforts of phpBB’s spam anti-spam elements, you can also use the CloudFlare or CleanTalk antispam application to spot spammers and protect your site from hackers.
Cons of phpBB
No Social Media Integration
Marketing is the only way that can make your site to be in the top search. Social media has a vital role in marketing, and most of the codes are being shared and discussed on the social websites (Facebook groups). Unlike other CMSs, phpBB does not have any integration with the social media. This makes it difficult to advertise their page on social media or get the needed traffic as you can’t share the phpBB contents.
Only Forum
phpBB does not permit their users to develop the website. It only allows them to create a forum. If you want to implement your content and build your site, you need to work separately.
SEO Flaws
SEO Optimization is crucial to getting your business known as it’s guaranteed to exposing what you do to more people. The URLs of phpBB aren’t SEO optimized, and this is likely to affect the influx of traffic to your site. Thus, you have to divert as much traffic as you can to your forums because the activity of visitors on your forums is what matters most.
phpBB is the abbreviation of the PHP Bulletin Board. It is one of the oldest open source software that was created in 2000 by the James Atkinson for developing his website. Later on, it was further developed and now being used by millions of users in a single day. phpBB is an open source bulletin board system that has extensively been using throughout the world. It serves the right purpose - whether you want to stay in touch with a small group of people or connect with a larger population.

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