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MODx is a free, open source content management system and web application framework for publishing content on the world wide web and intranets. It’s licensed under the GPL, is written in the PHP programming language, and supports MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server as the database.

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MODx on-page SEO features

Pros of MODx
Fast Loading
In contrast to other CMSs, MODx doesn’t include tons of irrelevant markups to your HTML and rather than loading the skins from the standard HTML files; they are loaded directly from the database. This removes all clutter and makes the page to load faster. The MODx Wiki also has a remarkable skinning tutorial that’s easy to follow.
Template Coding is Simple
Most of the CMS are known because of their easiness in generating codes and creating the themes. Snippets and Chunks are the codes that are used for creating the MODx template, and it permits easy integration with the standard HTML code.
SEO Friendly
MODx is very friendly when it comes to the SEO. It allows quick searching of our site, and you can create tags and links for your page. It is very easy to rewrite the codes and links for the page.
Community Support
The MODx provides excellent support for its community members who often relate with one another on various issues. It has very high traffic, and many supporters are available to give a helping hand. If you have any questions regarding the MODx, you can easily find out the answers as a lot of people are on deck to give a prompt response.
Cons of MODx
Membership Management
It is tough in the MODx to work with the manager user and web user. It should develop a system where it would be easy to assign a role and task for everyone so they can coordinately work on the single page at the time.
Set-up of Blog/Article is a Bit Tricky
Creating blogs/articles is simple, but it is not easy for those who are coming from the WordPress or other CMS. It lacks certain features that facilitate content management.
Time Consuming
Another weakness of the MODx is that it takes a lot of time to set up and it also requires the technical skills and coding. Without experience in coding, it would be hard to develop a new effective theme because each customization process requires the code. Moreover, there is no customization system to build up some elements in the MODx.
Raymond Irving and Ryan Thrash developed this content management system in 2004, and now it is freely available on the internet because it is open source software. In 2007 it was awarded the most promising opens source software. MODx is also the code writers’ choice for a CMS, as the knowledge of basic HTML and CSS is imperative for use with MODx.

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