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Drupal it’s a free and open source content-management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your Drupal website, on-page SEO optimization.

Drupal on-page SEO features

Pros of Drupal
It is a very secure content management system (CMS) while working on the PHP-based system. The security algorithm is the core of its safe operations. It scrutinizes every component of a website as an object to make it more secure.
Drupal is very SEO friendly because its web development tools are linked to work correctly. Should it be canonical, URL mapping, Navigation or Meta tags, everything can be managed easily. It also comes with other user-friendly features like the system administration, registration of user accounts, as well as management of menus and RSS feeds. These features provide a high-end usability which facilitates the building of primary forums, blogs, and websites.
Performance plays a very vital role while choosing the content management system. Its improved version – Drupal 8 is superb in performance; it can load easily and open quickly. It has an ability to respond faster than the WordPress or Joomla.
It can rapidly build a Complex Site embed
If you ask from any experienced web developer for the quick creation of a complex site, they will suggest you go for Drupal because you can setup entire website just in 48 hours or less. It has a robust management and content development attribute which makes working with the Drupal CMS an easy task. With the WYSIWYG editing tool, it’s easier for users to copy/paste, add/move images, and insert the desired videos.
Advanced Admin Controls and Scalability
With Drupal, administrators have the choice to set up new user accounts and permissions. Such permissions can be assigned to individuals or groups, allowing them to create contents for you. This popular e-commerce platform is also scalable and comes with technically advanced functionalities. Drupal doesn’t require loads of systems resources as obtainable with WordPress, so there’s no need for users to bother about upgrading to the expensive hosting options.
Mobile App
Choosing this option by a developer is the best choice because it has the mobile app so that you can use it anywhere. All the latest designs that are in Drupal 8 version are available in the app, and its theme has been devised in a way that it fits best in the mobile setting. It automatically resizes the image according to the best fit for the user.
Cons of Drupal
Installation and Customization
Drupal is not that perfect regarding installation and customization because you need to be a technical person for that but in other CMS like WordPress you don’t need to be of sound knowledge about this field, you can do this with the basic computer skills. Drupal has a difficult learning curve, and its backward compatibility poses a problem here.
Updating Drupal can be a Real Headache
Updates and Upgrades are very necessary for market sustenance. In the case of Drupal, they update lots of things at a time thereby leading to slow loading times and creating other hurdles for the user.
Developers have many CMS options to choose from for developing their website content and design. Most of the CMS provides the right platform for that and among them is Drupal. It is one of the most popular and perfect choices for doing work. It is not only used for creating and designing websites but also for several other applications. Hence, it would be the best option when you are creating the integrated digital framework.

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