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DotNetNuke is a web content management system based on Microsoft .NET. The DNN Platform Edition is open source.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your DotNetNuke website, on-page SEO optimization.

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Pros of Dot Net Nuke
Easy to Manage Website Administration
It is very easy when you are maintaining the site with Dot Net Nuke. The use of DNN utility does not require any technical knowledge, and a non-expert can also easily manage and publish the web contents.
Advanced Features
This Content management system has very advanced features and functions that are not offered by other content management systems. It is consistently upgraded to meet the customer demands and needs to satisfy them.
Powerful Tools
Dot Net Nuke (DNN) has very powerful and useful tools for the developers and users. The set of utilities helps the users in securing their work and to frequently use other options like web designing, managing, hosting, site membership and co. The best thing is that some various topographies can be worked on and modified as per your specifications.
Easy Installation
DNN as an open source CMS can be freely accessed through the internet. When you download the software, you’ll find the PDF file that is incorporated into the software. The PDF file contains the clear direction and instruction about installing the software and how to run it.
This is the best option in this CMS as it supports the localization of multi-languages and can be effortlessly translated into other languages.
Security has always been a fundamental requirement of the developers, so DNN has developed a system that stores all the information and content in an MS SQL and makes the database to work as a backup that can easily run on the Windows.
Open Source
DNN allows its users and developers to access the source code that is freely available. They can modify and make changes according to their needs. The entire source code and its subprojects are distributed under a standard BSD open source license which offers a maximum freedom to use in both non-commercial and commercial environments.
Cons of Dot Net Nuke
Budgeting is an integral factor in any business venture. Purchasing domain on the DNN is very expensive, and the integration of skins and modules is another task that requires an extra cost.
Advanced Themes/Features
If you experiment too much with the advanced themes and additional features, you may get stuck without the help of a professional.
Dot Net Nuke (DNN) is open source software based on the technology that helps you to create and develop websites. Professionals can use it via the language, and it's distributed under both a Commercial Proprietary license and a Community Edition BSD-style license.

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