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Concrete5 was designed for ease of use, for users with a minimum of technical skills. It enables users to edit site content directly from the page.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your Concrete5 website, on-page SEO optimization.

Concrete5 on-page SEO features

Pros of Concrete5
Open-Source Code
Concrete5 is also open source software that allows their users and developers to freely access the code so that they can modify and make changes according to their needs and requirements. It is of benefit to the users that they can alter the code, make a new design and can share with others without paying the license fee to Cocnrete5.
Easy to Use
It is user-friendly open source software. You can easily install and run the Concrete5 with little knowledge or experience in the web developing. It is easy to create concrete5 codes to give a good look to your website.
Search Engine Optimized
Cоnсrete5 offers many search engine optimization (SEO) tools for adding Meta descriptions. On the backend, this helps to ensure that your site remains in Google’s good books.
Multiple Site Permissions
Cоnсrete5 allows their developers to access different levels of administrative and control tools.
When it comes to security, concrete5 is one of the best CMS that has advanced technology to secure your website. Security system in the concrete5 is based on the ADODB library to save you from SQL injection attacks. It also takes care of the XSS attacks.
Rapid Development
Developing and making the website has now become easier than before. Concrete5 now allows the developer to build and edit a site with ease.
Concrete5 produces a high number of database queries on a single page that hurts the performance of the concrete5. To face this challenge concrete5 adheres to the standard OOP and MVC practices to make it stand out concerning the accessible building and editing of websites.
Cons of Concrete5
Small Community
It is hard to find out the answer to your queries because it has a smaller community compared to other content management systems.
Limited Themes
Only a few themes are available for the developer, unlike other CMS.
Limited Commercial Add-ons
There are only limited numbers of add-ons that are available for free. To access more advanced add-ons, you need to purchase them.
Concrete5 is one of the open source content management systems that are freely available on the internet to use. It helps you to run your website quickly by allowing you to edit and refresh the content by using tools. It gives the user the opportunity to log in and manage website contents without having to go through the web developer. As all of the CMSs have some advantage and disadvantage, so does the Concrete5.

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