On-page SEO Optimization

A content management system is application software that allows its user to create and manage the digital content. It usually used to support the multiple users for working in a cooperative environment. CMS is handy because of its features. Most of the CMS include the format management, history editing, indexing web-based publishing and retrieval. Most of the CMS designed to manage the content of the web pages. Web content includes photos, videos, text, audios, and program codes that help to displays the content or interact with the end users.

Price of on-page optimization

Hourly rate
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On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher in search engines.

I’ll optimize your site content (H1-H6 headers, texts, images), titles, meta tags, HTML code, page speed, URLs configuri etc.

On-page SEO factors

General on-page SEO factors

General on-page SEO factors (by Ahrefs)

Use of exact much keyword

Use of exact much keyword (by Ahrefs)

On-page SEO process

It helps to make your website SEO friendly
SEF URLs configuring
I’ll properly set URLs, so it will be easy to understand by your customers.
Configuring robots.txt
I’ll make changes in robots.txt file to allow proper indexing of your website pages by Search Engines.
Fixing sitemap.xml issues
I’ll fix sitemap issues, delete from it technical pages, duplicates and other pages that are not acceptable for Google indexing.
Fixing broken (404) and redirection (301) links
I’ll delete or replace broken links and redirections with existing pages that can give you conversions.
Including target keyword in title
I’ll make proper titles with including our target keywords for each page of your website.
Generation new meta descriptions
I’ll generate rich meta descriptions for each type of page with using keywords and emoji.
Fixing H1 headers
I’ll add only one relevant H1 to each page, delete multiple and duplicates of H1 headers.
Schema structured markup creation
I’ll create Local Business, Breadcrumbs, Product Schema markup. It will raise the visibility of your website in Google SERP.
Fixing content issues
I’ll fix content markup, H2-H6 headers structure, add numbered and unnumbered listings, delete internal duplicates of content and make it unique.
New website structure creation
I’ll create a new structure of TOP menu, products or services catalog.
Internal linking scheme implementation
I’ll add more internal links to your conversion pages. It will help to raise conversion rate and rankings in Google by low-competitive keywords.
Bonus for WordPress websites
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About Igor Lav On-Page SEO

The term on-page search engine optimization identifies set of methods you can take entirely to improve its search engine positions. Working on on-page SEO means code and your content comply with the latest requirements of Google. It is still important to use of modern on-page SEO tactics to make the most of the advertising capabilities of your website.

Igor Lav lecture for IT-Forum 2016

SEO Expert US

Video (Matt Cutts) – ideal keyword density

On-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Technical website optimization.
  2. Website keyword analysis.
  3. Structure and information architecture improvement.
  4. Content optimization.
  5. Google crawler budget optimization.
  6. Performance optimization.
  7. Mobile SEO.

On-page Optimization Tips

  • Post Long Content at Least 500 Words;
  • Use SEO-Friendly URLs;
  • Start Title With Keyword;
  • Add Keyword to H1 Header;
  • Add LSI Keywords to H2-H3 Headers;
  • Add Keyword in First 100 Words of Content;
  • Include Relevant Images and Video;
  • Optimize ALTs for All Images;
  • Boost Website Speed.

Of course, on-page search engine optimization is merely one among the areas you’ll need to focus on to produce your website successful. You can’t ignore Off-page factors, while that is indeed building high-quality inbound links to develop your Domain Name Authority or ensuring aspects of specialized SEO are seamless although it assembles a solid foundation.

I’ll make your site better.