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Online niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.

I will determine the demand according to Google Adwords stats, seasonality of online demand, commercial keywords that will affect the increase in conversions, competition on these queries.

The online niche includes the product or service features that are aimed at meeting a particular need in the online market. Your market demands and target demographics can be determined according to Google Adwords statistics, seasonality of online demand, commercial keywords and competition on these queries.

Niche analysis process

Full niche research
Keyword research
A core task in SEO is keyword research. It involves the identification of words, phrases or statements that people, especially your target audience, input on search engines. This task is carried out for ranking. Keyword research gives you a better understanding of the demand level of specific keywords and how hard it would be to compete for them in the organic search results. This process makes you/your marketing team better and gives you a direction on how to optimize your efforts to reach your desired goal.
Traffic amount
The amount of traffic a website gets says a whole lot about the site’s SEO performance, its relevance on the internet space and the quality of the site’s content. For any goal you’re trying to achieve with your site, the basic aim is to get lots of people to visit the website. Therefore, traffic amount is a critical data that must be monitored, measured and properly analyzed. The result of such analysis will then tell how to improve the website to reach the desired amount of traffic or, better still, increase the quality of traffic.
Seasonal demand
The fact that some services do not have an all year-round demand, coupled with the diversity of seasons, usually makes the issue of seasonal demand for a service or product to arise. However, strategies can be implemented to nurture the consumption habits of consumers so as to make the request unseasonal or to target different markets in different places. Seasonality can be measured by the quantity of demand within small time intervals such as days, weeks or months.
PPC competition
PPC implies Pay-Per-Click, a type of Internet marketing, also known as Cost per Click (CPC), in which advertisers pay a fee for an ad that directs people to their website when the ad is clicked. A popular form of PPC is the search engine advertising which allows advertisers to bid for an ad placement in the sponsored link area when a search related to their business is done. To successfully use this tool, one must be able to ward off competition from others. Hence, you can only obtain this competitive edge by carrying out a proper competitor analysis. Only then will you know your rivals’ weaknesses, capitalize on them, build on your strengths, develop a unique strategy and invest accordingly.
Competitor analysis
This is very vital in ensuring success in your business online. Competitor Analysis is done by identifying the keywords, organic or paid, and the strategies your competitors adopt to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. However, it’s crucial also to make your product or service unique so that you can separate yourself from the competition. The fight for leads and customers through PPC is tough, and that’s where you have to be creative.
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Niche marketing research includes the art of establishing your specific niche and promoting your goods or services to this market. Many small business owners view the thought of niche marketing as a strategy which will cut their profit margin or restrict their earnings. But the reality is, having a well-defined niche can offer your business more energy, particularly if the market has enough interest and demand in it.

I Analyse Keyword Difficulty

  1. If “Difficulty” reaches the mark of 0-30, the score we assign to the market is 5* (easy to rank).
  2. For 31-50 the score is 4*.
  3. For 51-70 pages that the score is 3*.
  4. For 71-100 the score is 2* (hard to rank).

I Analyse Competition Level

  • If the 1st page is mainly taken by Giants (100,000 pages), but you will find up to 4 positions taken by easy goal results, the score we assign to the market is five* that is most preferable result where you can get a right place in the contest and get nice gains;
  • When Giants fully accept the 1st page, the score is four* the competition is extremely high and your chances are rather slim;
  • If the majority of the effects on the 1st page are Easy Target, the score is 3* you can win the contest, but gains won’t be worthwhile;
  • If Giants accept 1st and 2nd pages, the score is two* your odds for a commercially successful venture are insignificantly low.

I’ll find a perfect niche for your online business.