Negative SEO Prevention

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Negative SEO refers to the practice of using a Black-Hat and unethical techniques to sabotage a competitor’s rankings in search engines. I’ll detect toxic backlinks and disavow it thru Google Disavow links tool, delete internal duplicates of pages and stolen content.

    Negative SEO Elimination Process

    Detection of the negative factors:

    1. Traffic analysis – the process of observing traffic information about your website and other websites in your niche to keep track of important performances to be able to develop your site competitively. It also helps you to identify the behavior of your website’s visitors so as to curb the effect of wrong traffic or competitors and better satisfy your targeted traffic.
    2. Keywords monitoring – involves tracking how your site ranks on the search engines for the keywords that are relevant to your business. It also encompasses getting some extra information about them, including how competitive they are, the average price per click if you were to bid on them in say, Google AdWords, and the approximate search volume for an exact query.
    3. Website indexation analysis – the indexation of your website pages by search engines is very vital, as search engines make use of complicated mathematical algorithms to guess which websites a user is looking for. So monitoring your website’s indexation is essential because if your website is not in a search engine’s index, people will not be able to find it through that search engine. Checking the page’s cached version of the search engine regularly and its contents in comparison with the actual page tell you if it is well indexed.
    4. Content analysis – should be carried out to allow the content from your website performs more efficiently. Making sure that your content is presentable enough to your target end-user is essential in getting them to buy into the idea of what your website is about, fuel their interest and get you more sales conversion. Content analysis is also achievable by using combinations of text and images and more engaging contents such as infographic and videos.
    5. Backlinks grew in time – one of your objectives for your website should be the growth of quality backlinks carefully developed with time, which occurs as visitors like and share contents on your website. This is why you have to give so much priority to what value your content provides. Your back link growth over time depends on a lot of relevance which is determined by value.
    6. Anchor list analysis – the visible and clickable text on a hyperlink is an anchor text. For SEO reasons, anchor texts should be concise and relevant to the page that it is linking to. Analyzing anchor texts is done to see how your competitors optimize their backlink profiles and also to detect imminent negative SEO attacks on your website.

    Actions to solve issues:

    1. On-page SEO – done by strategically applying metadata and keywords in every area of the contents we publish to bring about more search engine traffic on our website efficiently.
    2. Disavow backlinks – when you tell the search engine that you don’t want certain external links to be considered as part of the SEO system of counting links with which your website is ranked. There are tools to help you achieve this, thanks to Google.

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    About Igor Lav Negative SEO Prevention

    Negative SEO Services can be used by your competitors to bring down your website so that you can go down in rankings. If you noticed a significant drop your site rankings or any negative review page in the 1st page of Google, then you may need to prevent this effect.

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    Common Negative SEO Tactics

    1. Creating hundreds or perhaps thousands of unnatural backlinks to a site this typically involves using link farms like a personal blog network that is a network of sites built solely for link building.
    2. Trying to get your backlinks removed some webmasters claim to have received emails asking for links to be eliminated despite there being no reason for them to do so because they are within Google’s guidelines.
    3. Hacking your website so the attackers can modify your content by adding spam links for example, or redirecting your pages to theirs.
    4. Creating false duplicate content this basically involves copying your content and distributing it onto several other websites, often multiple times.

    Negative ranking factors can and will severely hurt your ranking efforts with search engines. Some techniques have developed with good intentions. However, they’ve become tarnished because of abuse. Other techniques are only an attempt to hoodwink the search engines and users, and once found you can expect severe penalties or even a suspension or being outranked at all.

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    I’ll help you to prevent negative SEO effects.