Link Building

Hourly Rate $21 / One Time Fee $680

Link building it’s actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

    Link building process

    Quantity and quality backlinks depends on competition in your niche:

    1. Niche analysis – I’ll analyze your niche and detect websites with biggest traffic amount. In our link building strategy, I’ll orient on fast growing sites and leaders.
    2. Gathering of competitor backlinks – I’ll gather competitors backlinks, and sort donor pages in XLS file by TF/CF and relevance. We’ll get a list of high quality where we can place backlinks as your competitor done.
    3. Anchor list projection – I’ll project anchor list: how much branded, commercial, URLs must be in the text of hyperlinks that are referred to your website. Also, there will be anchors to use for each separate page.
    4. Link building strategy – According to competitor analysis, I’ll create link building strategy – how much links we need to get in Google TOP, what percent each type of backlinks (directories, forums, guest posts) we need to place.
    5. Relevant websites/pages collection – I’ll outreach relevant forum topics or websites in your niche where we can place backlinks.
    6. Writing unique content – I’ll make Technical Task to create quality content for guest posts, forum messages, unique descriptions for profiles of your company in directories.
    7. Placing backlinks – I’ll place backlinks according to our strategy.

    Result of my work:

    • Referral traffic – backlinks will be placed in quality content on thematic websites with high visitors amount. Such links will provide referral traffic.
    • Improving Google rankings – quality backlinks are one of the most important factors for ranking in Google SERP. So such links will help to raise rankings and get more visitors from Search Engines.

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    Seo Expert Igor Lav

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    Link Building + Competitor Analysis + Negative SEO = 2040 $1700 Hire On UpWork

    About Igor Lav Link Building Service

    Acquiring high-quality backlinks requires experience, patience and persistence. Adding too many links could lead to a Search Engine dropping it and penalizing your websites. So it’s essential to play for Search Engines rules not against them. Link building activities are a challenging and demanding task when strategically and efficiently managed backlinks will add to the uplift on your Search Engine visibility. That means more organic traffic to your website that can be converted into leads.

    Guerilla Marketing

    Forum Link Building

    Starts From $320

    Blog Outreach

    Guest Posting

    Starts From $700

    Link Building Opportunities I Use

    • Competitors Backlinks – with using Ahrefs software to compile a listing of the hyperlinks to all your competitors and try to earn such links;
    • Local or Niche Directories – general niche directories held value in Google but maintained niche directories focused on business purposes could add value;
    • Broken Links – I eliminate content applicable to your business and services or utilizes lots of software solutions to crawl the net and find out of date. When we identify “broken” articles which have a high volume of links, we recreate a new and enhanced version of the source and contact the websites linking to those defunct pages and websites and inform them of the mistake on their website and notify them that we have a new resource to substitute it with;
    • Guest Posting – I’ll provide guest posting options which will pass the quality guidelines of the Search Engines;
    • Giveaways – giving prizes away can be an exceptional way to gain media traction and links;
    • Product Reviews – I’ll help to build your referral traffic and make your website obtain premium quality links;
    • Sponsorships – I’ll score charity and donation directories, this is another way of gaining value links;
    • Link Bait – is creating high-quality content on your site that can attract numerous backlinks from other websites because they want to, not because you ask them to link.

    What is a Result of My Work

    1. A Tailored Link Building Campaign.
    2. High Quality and Diverse Links.
    3. Future Proof Links.
    4. Relevant Theme According Links.
    5. Direct Relationships with Website Owners.
    6. Safe Backinks Means Avoiding Penalties.

    PBN Link Building

    PBN Creation

    Starts From $2,500

    I’ll build quality link profile for your site which will consist crowd links (from forums, Q/A websites), links from directories (local citations), guest posts and other UGC sites.