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Search questions help to find out common queries that other people have searched for. The search questions are offered by the search engines.

I’m using best search questions collection tools, such as Semrush and Serpstat. I’ll create XLS spreadsheet with grouped keywords.

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Video (Rand Fishkin) – the key to keywords

Knowing what people are requesting related to your keywords may provide you ideas for optimizing your content or creating new pages. Anyway, if you optimize your articles for a question-based keyword, Google can improve your visibility by giving you a SERP snippet, like a featured snippet.

Steps to Locate Questions

  1. Conduct character and client interviews.
  2. Scan your group’s email history and FAQ.
  3. Use keyword tools like Moz Keyword Explorer to identify new questions.
  4. Find what people are looking for (or requesting) by taking a look at the Google search auto-fill, Google Webmasters, as well as opinions on popular internet articles.

By providing answers to common user questions, you can improve your traffic and link-building chances, as relevant articles that solve users’ issues will certainly attract links and clicks.

I’ll Scollect search questions for your site!