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Zen Cart is an online store management system. It is PHP-based, using a MySQL database and HTML components.

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Zen Cart SEO features

Pros of Zen Cart
It is a Free Bundle with Add-ons Available
Zen Cart is an awesome online e-commerce software, and fortunately, it is free. Since its inception over five years ago, many developers have designed several add-ons which can be downloaded and installed on the Zen Cart system at any time. They are commonly available on the Zen Cart website, and such add-ons give your e-commerce software an additional functionality. You can download add-ons ranging from administrative tools to new languages.
Great Product Management System
Effective product management is important in running any successful e-commerce business. Zen Cart’s product management system is a very comprehensive system regarding that.
Free and Paid Templates Available
Usually, internet businesses want a custom-made website with unique features to show their customers. Zen Cart has a wide variety of free and paid templates. These free basic templates are easy-to-install and are obtainable on the website. Changes to the colors and layout of your site are allowable.
Forum and Community Support Is Good
Although Zen cart offers a free support, there is no formal support from Zen Cart or a hired team that’s concerned with the handling of customer services. Nonetheless, there is a reliable platform and community through which support, help and respond to posts that are made by users. Often time, the answers are found by running a quick search which is introduced by the use of the ordered procedure to fix the problem.
Exports to Major Accounting Software Are Available
To implement this into Internet business, it is prudent to contemplate on which accounting package to use. There is currently a free QuickBooks export module that you can download and install available in the Zen Cart Downloads section.
Cons of Zen Cart
Not Cosmetically Appealing
A lot of customizing needs to be done, despite being a remarkable open source solution. The default skin that it provided has a lot of unnecessities. Moreover, it is quite tasking to turn off all the commercials and reorder boxes to give a simple expression. There has to be some element of distinction by making it an appealing website after the installation for any new user desiring to use it as their e-commerce system.
Very Basic Reporting
Most of the major reports available comprise products viewed, products bought and customers’ orders. It lacks very sophisticated reports such as sales by products, earnings on each product, profit margins made and so forth. You will need to generate these reports from your accounting software. Therefore, there’s no reason to expect an in-depth analysis of sales, customers, and products going through the sales funnel.
Upgrades and Add-On Integrations Are Difficult
This system was not designed to update itself without overwriting all the add-ons and customizations. Therefore, upgrading to the next version means complete recovery from the start. This is a big downside as far as Zen Cart is concerned. Modifications to the software are being made, but they aren’t upgraded for a long time, unlike WordPress.

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