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X-Cart is a commercial open source shopping cart platform distributed through the SaaS solution, or via download package.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your X-Cart website, on-page SEO optimization.

X-Cart SEO features

Pros of X-Cart
Both versions of X-Cart (X-Cart 4 Classic and X-Cart 5 Business) are very fast and simple-to-use. They are open source platforms that are entirely customizable and scalable. They offer a way to deal with making and facilitating an e-commerce store by enabling clients to download an authorized programming. This could be responsible for X-Cart’s global reach of more than 30,000 customers.
X-Cart offers both pre-facilitated and self-facilitated services. During the testing time, it provides a view into every last bit of negative viewpoints. Both versions provide excellent SEO tools that help to configure clean URLs, rich snippets, useful meta-tags and XML sitemaps that make your online store to be more search-engine-friendly. Another crucial element of this PHP shopping cart is that it organizes sites to get evaluated in right positions in web crawlers. In today’s internet world, this perspective is unquestionably a bonus and matters to a considerable measure in expanding the SEO activities of a site.
Integration and Add-ons
This digital shopping X-Cart allows users to integrate their online stores with additional add-on apps to boost functionality. There are add-ons for e-mail marketing, processing of online payments, drop shipping and so on. All you have to do is to go through the X-Cart marketplace for add-on integration tools that will allow you perform other tasks. With this add-on integration support, you can efficiently manage your stock and let the obtaining office know when it is the ideal time for refilling and resupplying all items.
Responsive Design
All X-cart themes come with a responsive layout. This makes users to skip the hassles of searching for a separate storefront since their web shops will automatically adapt to the screen size of their devices. Utilizing X-Cart to alter a web page can likewise make the online store more alluring. It makes the customers search through the whole website and purchase an item or service. The X-Cart’s Webmaster Mode also affords the users with an opportunity to modify any template quickly. In this way, your engaging site can serve as a jackpot deal for other organizations.
Cons of X-Cart
Payment for Support
Although X-Cart rocks with its 24/7 support and customization within affordable rates, users have to pay for technical assistance and that’s a bit absurd for their first-timers. The separate hosting services of the two versions of X-Cart also attract an extra cost.
Limitations in Templates and Design
X-Cart is limited when it comes to design templates, unlike other shopping carts. It only features about 12 CSS-based themes that are free, 35 paid design models and 4 free color schemes.
Frequent Structural Adjustments
This e-commerce software needs regular change and advancement given the necessities of the business. X-Cart incorporates different layouts, and there are diverse languages and various documents that make it complicated. The procedure and methodology for sorting these elements are steep and also debilitating.
Need for a specialist X-truck Engineer
A specialist is required in setting up the shopping basket. Besides that, X-truck engineers are also necessary for site design, new redesigns, bug fixes and security patches.

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