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WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your WooCommerce website, on-page SEO optimization.

WooCommerce SEO features

Pros of WooCommerce
Record Keeping
WooCommerce offers accurate reports about your orders, customers, stock, and taxes. For more understanding about WooCommerce, Google Analytics can be added.
Integrated Plug-ins
The WooCommerce plug-in changes your WordPress website into a great online store. It’s very simple to add to any WordPress site thereby creating a robust e-commerce platform for sales.
Free and Flexible
Users are free from the fees from hosting providers. The profits are the main concerns for business owners; WooCommerce is simply the best choice when securing profit as much as possible. From the front-end user’s experience to the design and the back-end administrative tools, the flexibility of WooCommerce is unbeatable. A complete and utter control of the outlook and feel of the online store is given. The opportunity to have access to a library of apps is available; there are some plug-ins that WooCommerce has to offer – its adjustable tax settings, for example. Defined reduced rates and zero rates are also available.
Product Presentation
The addition of unlimited goods and attributes is dependent on the themes; a zoom function can be quickly added, picture gallery and videos. It works powerfully on every device.
Easy to Use
After the installation process, the customization options can be utilized as desired by you. Coding skills are not required in WooCommerce as the intuitive interface helps a lot. It’s also a brilliant choice for learners because it’s easy to learn. For someone just getting started, the best way to learn your way around a dashboard is through WordPress.
Checkouts, payment, and shipping
Standard payment options include; cheque, bank transfer, cash on delivery, and PayPal. You can easily add other payment options like credit card via add-ons dependent on what applies to you and which is easier to deal with by you, but this could incur additional expenses. The sale of digital goods is not a problem in this situation.
In WooCommerce, customers can rate your products and services. This is made available because customers cherish a platform where they can review a product as a means of informing others of its quality. This means your products and services will become better since your customers’ thoughts are shared with you.
Regular Updates
The other good news is that WooCommerce is continually being updated. WooCommerce is an answer for selling products. You can also easily lengthen its functionality on an existing site.
Cons of WooCommerce
Hosting Payments and Security Vulnerabilities
You still need to pay for hosting to enjoy the enhancement of other functional tools. The platform is also prone to malware, malicious worms and viruses that disturb the ideal rhythm of a successful business.
If you are not a WordPress user, then installing WordPress on a host is very necessary since WooCommerce only works with WordPress. Users have to choose a WooCommerce compatible theme and then install the WooCommerce plug-in or hire a developer to create your WordPress/WooCommerce store for you.

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