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Volusion is one of the larger e-commerce online store builders that allow you to start selling your products without being a technical nerd at all.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your Volusion website, on-page SEO optimization.

Volusion SEO features

Pros of Volusion
The Abundance of Themes
Volusion has different themes for diverse industries which make it easier for users to find one that suits their businesses. These themes are offered in both free and paid templates thereby giving you an opportunity to create a unique design for your store with full access to CSS and HTML.
Exclusive Use
Volusion maintains a good score when it comes to product management. The platform is user-friendly and rich in relevant features. You can easily manage your e-store through the Internet browser and with each shopping cart; you can add images, and other categories. You can as well track the most popular products, control your stock levels, and obtain your order history. With Volusion, your customers can also view a pop-up of all ordered products with access to the connected options. The platform also supports some credible payment routes like PayPal, Chronopay and Authorize.Net and shipping gateways (UPS and FedEx).
The SEO and Marketing Plus
Volusion prides itself on adaptive search engine URLs, discounts and coupon systems as well as advanced newsletter systems. The platform allows you to sell on eBay and Facebook and you’re able to add the latest news on your products on YouTube and Twitter.
Technical Support
Users can connect with Volusion’s official support 24/7 via mail, chat or phone. You can also use their comprehensive FAQ documentation and seek help from other users via their community forum.
Friendly Pricing System
Although Volusion offers a 14-day free trial, it has no transaction fees, and the most expensive package is about $149 per month.
Cons of Volusion
No Official App Store
With an official App Store, you can buy different templates, modules, and extensions to improve the features of your shopping cart. Unfortunately, Volusion does not offer such opportunity. Hence, users have to search, purchase and integrate them from 3rd party developers by themselves. For instance, their basic SSL Certificate needs to be bought for at least $90 to get the store running.
Responsiveness of Themes
Although Volusion boasts of over 300 themes, only 23 of these themes are responsive with just 6 being free and the rest are to be purchased.
Restriction of Features
Volusion places a constraint on many of their basic features like API access, Customer Loyalty Program, Deal of the Day, Phone Orders, down to their most expensive package. There are limited tools, and there’s no absolute freedom for you to manage your store as you want. Thus, their clients would end up spending an enormous sum supplementing their stores with paid plug-ins, apps and services.
Transparency Issues
Volusion seems to be a foggy e-commerce platform when it comes to transparency. Some hidden fees are always lurking around. Such charges include their migration charges, PCI fees, monthly e-mail charges, cancellation fees and their huge bandwidth average fees.
No Hosted Blog Capacity
There’s no built-in blog feature. The blog has to be created on 3rd party sites like Blogger or WordPress without retaining the design elements of your store.

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