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PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License (OSL).

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your PrestaShop website, on-page SEO optimization.

PrestaShop SEO features

Pros of Prestashop
Easy Installation
Prestashop is very easy to initial install, and it could be customized with essential features. Some templates like Smarty also help with its easy installation and customization. All developers have to do is to download the files and upload them to their respective hosts. Prestashop is ideal for PHP5 with MySQL5 and provided that the hosting company offers a single-click installation, everything about Prestashop will be made comfortable irrespective of technical expertise.
Attractive Interface and Responsive Community
The user interface is beautiful and relatively friendly. All the needed information is made available on the Dashboard. Prestashop keeps the full technical terms to a minimum – a reason for their emphasis on easy usage and clarity. Prestashop also has a global community of developers that render quick solutions for issues that may arise from the use of the software.
Impressive Features
Prestashop supports some exciting features such as SEO, email follow-up automation, catalog and site management, promotional tools, recently viewed products feature, and international shipping. Prestashop’s SEO tools, in particular, allow easy replacement of meta-tags and URLs which helps with your site optimization. You can find over 25,000 plug-ins and extensions of this lightweight software, and they all require fewer system resources.
Flexibility and Compatibility
With Prestashop, developers can conveniently customize e-commerce stores according to the client’s needs and his/her objective opinions. Users can also add or delete different features via Prestashop’s easy administration panel. With Nginx or Microsoft IIS, Apache web server 1.3 or newer version, PHP 5.2 or latest version, Linux, Unix or Windows operating system and MySQL 5.0 or latest version, you’re ready to go with Prestashop.
Diverse Languages and Official Marketplace
Prestashop is available in 41 languages, but only supports fully in English and French. You can also select from its 3,500 modules and themes in the official marketplace.
Speed and Theme Modification
All versions of this mobile-friendly system enhance the loading speed of your shopping store. It’s also easy to modify/change an old theme into a new one. This ensures that your store is updated in design efficiently.
Cons of Prestashop
Expensive Modules and Functionalities
Most of the full functional modules on Prestashop are not cheap. Whenever users are upgrading and expanding Prestashop, they need to budget for an expensive purchase of templates, themes, and extensions. Some built-in functionality in free scripts also has to be paid for, and this happens quite often.
Bugs and Script Flaws
While using Prestashop, it’s likely that you come across a lot of smaller bugs and that’s why the developers have to issue corrections frequently. Unfortunately again, these corrections aren’t automatic, and their installation may require some technical knowledge. The script architecture can also at some point delay or even completely stop a programmer from further development of the cart.
Minimum Scalability
Prestashop is only appropriate for small and medium scale business as it does not support multi-store operations.
When users have difficulties with managing their sites, they can indeed find help from the Prestashop forum. However, there’s no official support team.

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