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OpenCart is an online resource that was built to make life easier for merchants and customers to interact. This shopping cart solution gives you to ability to have your business be search engine friendly.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your OpenCart website, on-page SEO optimization.

OpenCart SEO features

Pros of OpenCart
The cost of setting up an e-store with OpenCart is quite affordable even for small scale businesses. There are lots of add-ons for OpenCart, many of which are free. You’ll also be able to get your site up and to run it using different payment gateways at no cost.
Easy Setup
It’s easier to setup and work with OpenCart compared to other shopping carts. New adopters can go through its easy learning curve, and that implies they can set up and start using OpenCart without stress. OpenCart’s installation is quite fast as the interfaces offered by this e-solution are very straightforward and simple to use. OpenCart also consumes fewer server resources, and it’s easy to maintain even after installation.
Exclusive Features
OpenCart offers its users an excellent set of features, including a working mechanism for processing orders and a robust catalog functionality and a suitable mechanism for order processing.
Well-Structured Admin Interface and Management
It has simple admin interface and thus on a similar note, OpenCart is easy to learn and manage. OpenCart permits all multiple store data to be viewed in a store format thereby giving more flexibility to IT managers.
Product Listing
The OpenCart admin panel allows you to punch tick through all your products and their categories in a store wise manner. This helps OpenCart users to save a lot of data – entry and rectification time.
OpenCart comes with some fine literature, which guides users through all the initial setup and other functionality. The documentation also comes with screenshots for more efficiency.
Cons of OpenCart
SEO Flaws
OpenCart does not promise much regarding performance unless users opt for additional plug-ins such as for SEO. Even with that, same product descriptions across multiple stores might be shown as duplicate contents concerning SEO. Hence, users have to be smart enough to double-check such contents, make use of canonical tags or submit related incidents to Google before launching the site.
Limited Features and No Cache Management
OpenCart has limited features compared to the likes of Magento. Caching is also not provided by OpenCart and must be added using an extension if you intend to have improved performance.
Extension Flaws
The partner modules or extensions which are needed to meet certain functions might not work on OpenCart. Thus, users that are in need of extension have to check the extension details correctly before implementation.
Customization and Payment Gateway Issues
OpenCart stores are not very easy to customize, and might pose obstacles for some businesses. Although OpenCart has some inbuilt shipping and payment methods, multiple payment gateways according to region/location might not be possible with OpenCart as it allows a single payment route across all stores.

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