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CubeCart is a powerful free ecommerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your CubeCart website, on-page SEO optimization.

CubeCart SEO features

Pros of CubeCart
Fair pricing and Viability
It is a practical choice for small to medium sized organizations and people who are searching for an e-commerce platform without the sting of high prices. You have the option to go for a free (Lite package) or paid (Pro package) plan. CubeCart offers a series of advantages for independent companies that are looking for an easy-to-use e-commerce platform. It offers customizable expansions to suit your business needs and is trusted by a huge number of shippers and engineers all around. This cart also has a solid track record for regular and secure updates, so your site can never go outdated.
SEO-Compatible Features
CubeCart provides several excellent features that are SEO-compatible. These include their user-friendly interface, unique template system, Rich Text HTML editor, well-configured URLs, rich snippets, keywords, meta-tags, many payment processors and so on. CubeCart’s effective integration with these SEO tools allows you to get a top ranking amongst search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Web Programming Utility and Distinct Protocols
CubeCart lets users utilize web-based business programming which affords them with computerized merchandise online. CubeCart’s source code is accessible at no cost, and the custom authorizing model takes into account the customization systems. It requires specific learning on the database structure and back-end highlights. The PHP (hypertext preprocessor) language that CubeCart is made up of has a preferred standpoint with regards to web index acknowledgment.
Catalog Management
CubeCart is by a wide margin a standout amongst the most secure shopping carts regarding store management. You can discover endlessly useful components that can help with the successful running of your e-store. You can without much of a stress roll out store improvements that match with your organization’s objectives. This is conceivable through CubeCart’s HTML framework, its Bolster Group encoding, multiple languages and currencies, taxes and shipping, newsletter tool and Google Analytics. Generally speaking, CubeCart is secure and “out of the box” robust shopping cart as revealed on their website.
Functionality and Devoted Support
CubeCart is notable worldwide for its vigor, adaptability, and moderateness. Interestingly, they have retained the majority of their happy clients through this means. There are also numerous forums and pages that are devoted to CubeCart’s module improvement regardless of if it is business or non-business. You can have precise answers to all your queries, and you’ll be given prompt assistance and support to your satisfaction.
Cons of CubeCart
Rigorous Configuration for Beginners
Although CubeCart has a user-friendly panel, it’s difficult to configure for those who don’t have background knowledge on MySQL, PHP, and GD. Hence CubeCart improvement requires extraordinary thoughtfulness regarding both the obvious and non-noticeable variables used to make dynamic pages.
Expensive in nature
The biggest disadvantage of using CubeCart lies in the upgrade fees as you have to pay to remove the copyright messages. But since you can have every support from the CubeCart team, the payment is worthy if you’re not quite familiar with the CubeCart system.
Missing Features
Some important administrative and inventory control features are missing. CubeCart also lacks a couple of marketing features like back orders, catalog manager, merchant account integration and lots more.
Adjustment to new designs is time-consuming
It takes a lot of time to deal with adjusting to new redesigns, bug fixes, new forms, and security patches.

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