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BigCommerce offers a simple solution to start an online store. If you have a product or service to sell online, you will need build your store on some type of shopping cart software.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your BigCommerce website, on-page SEO optimization.

BigCommerce SEO features

Pros of BigCommerce
Quick Design
As an e-commerce platform, BigCommerce offers several responsive themes that would make you sell your products right away. Installing such themes is very fast, and with basic knowledge of HTML or CSS, users can make quick edits or even create custom templates depending on their preference.
Intuitive Built-in Features
BigCommerce helps you to increase your sales with least effort by taking part in different social channels. BigCommerce excels when it comes to their shopping cart functionality and acceptance of payments. Its abandoned cart saver functionality is another bonus feature that’s more flexible compared to its other prominent competitors.
Integrated Learning
BigCommerce has several educational materials when it comes to technical know-how’s, advice and informative newsletters that can help you run a successful e-store. This closed source software places a lot of focus on assisting its users to learn how to start and build a thriving e-commerce store. There’s a BigCommerce University with a lot of in-depth training videos, and Do-It-Yourself guides that are integrated right into the store’s dashboard. This makes it easier for users to have unrestricted access to contents during the design process. BigCommerce also has a setup wizard, an auto responder email series at signup, and friendly consultants who are always ready to help.
Built-in Marketing Features
There’s a drop-down menu tool for marketing which permits users to promote their products just the way they want it. BigCommerce has the right feature that your online store needs to secure customers, and that’s a huge marketing pro for the platform. There are also other fantastic marketing tools like on selling on Facebook.
Security, Speed, and Supportive Customer Service
The BigCommerce platform does a great job as it has a fast loading time with little or no raised concern when it comes to security. Users can confidently outsource their payment processing or deal with security breaches whenever such occur. They also have friendly e-commerce consultants that are willing to help all along the way. You’ll get nothing short of an outstanding customer service experience with BigCommerce.
Availability of Add-ons
Although the add-ons are fewer compared to other platforms, it’s still a great benefit that BigCommerce has some available inbuilt add-ons. Besides that, users also have exclusive access to a marketplace app which caters for some of their custom needs.
Cons of BigCommerce
Pricing in itself is quite tight, particularly when budgeting for an online store without a specified benchmark. Although BigCommerce is transparent about pricing, and fraudulent practices are minimized, it’s helpful to break down exactly what you are looking at (whether it’s the Standard, Plus, Pro or Enterprise Plans) as far as pricing goes.
Your site’s design, functionality, payments, and content are all going to be built on the BigCommerce platform – as you’re locked into your provider. This disadvantage is something to be aware of as all you can do when you aren’t satisfied with outcomes is to shut down the store.

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