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eCommerce search engine optimization is one of the best ways to promote your business online and increase sales.

I use an integrated approach to achieve tasks: analyze the niche and customers, improve on-page optimization, increase sales.

In the promotion process I use the following main directions: keyword clustering, usability improvement, useful content, backlinks creation, deep analytics.

Your online shop must not only conform to the requirements of the search engines, but make customer happy. Such promotion will help increase attendance and make your brand recognizable.

Price of eCommerce SEO optimization

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eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an internet.

I’ll anlyse your niche, competitor sites, collect keywords, make proper structure of your eCommerce website, on-page SEO optimization.

eCommerce online marketing

eCommerce marketing

eCommerce marketing

eCommerce SEO process

Full concentration on results and ROI
Keyword research
My target is commercial queries and long tail keywords. I’ll collect all keywords your potential buyers interested in, detect CPC cost and competition level.
Keyword clustering
I’ll make clusters of keywords thru Google TOP. It will help to maximize traffic and profit with using fewer resources for new pages and content creation.
Product catalog architecture development
I’ll create wide catalog with product categories, sub categories, tags. It will help to create a separate page for each specific query group. These pages will have higher conversion rate than the main page of the catalog.
URLs structure projection
I’ll make a simple URLs structure of categories, sub categories and product pages. URLs will be short and clear to understand by your customers and Search Engine spiders.
Products filtering implementation
I’ll implement easy filtering system on product categories pages. It will make easy products selection by type, color, price etc. and rises conversion rate.
Categories pages optimization
I’ll optimize titles with using your target keywords, meta descriptions with LSI words, improve content quality, make a decision how much products we need to have on category pages.
Products pages optimization
I’ll make a template of the product page to generate more sales, optimize titles, meta descriptions and descriptions of products.
Schema Product structured markup creation
It will give more data to Search Engine spiders and raise the visibility of your product pages in Google search with Rich Snippets.
Titles generation
I’ll create titles generation scheme for each type of pages: informational pages, product categories, product tags, products, articles.
Meta descriptions generation
I’ll create meta descriptions generation scheme for each type of pages: informational pages, product categories, product tags, products, articles.
Speed loading optimization
I’ll improve speed loading of all pages of your online shop. Page speed it is one of ranking signals, and also your customers will get information about your products faster.
Content creation
I’ll make Technical Task on creation new awesome and informative content for commercial and informational pages of your online store.
Link building
I’ll detect websites which can attract your potential customer and build strong backlinks with using only White Hat SEO methods.
Result of my work

About Igor Lav eCommerce SEO

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The purpose of your site is to provide clients a place to learn about what you need to give and the ability to purchase your services or products. So as to cultivate your business online, you must increase the number of customers that visit your site. What if your intended audience can not find you, or what if your site isn’t designed or built in a manner that it offers a positive consumer experience? The opportunity to fix these kinds of issues is now, and that’s the reason you will need an expert eCommerce SEO expert. I’ll use proven eCommerce SEO process to provide your site the exposure it requires for long-term success.

I’m Focused On

  1. Optimizing The Complexity – using efficient company improve the placement of your site in relevant internet searches, bridging the void between your eCommerce site and target clients.
  2. Boost Website Usability – your customers whether new or existing will come to your online store repeatedly if they find your interface extremely usable.
  3. Generating More Sales – I think it’s far better to double sales by increasing performance as opposed to decreasing traffic of your eCommerce site.
  4. Boost Your ROI – I deeply analyze your business requirements and concentrate on your buyers’ journey to understand what paths they take to complete a sale, and according to our findings, we give the very tailored eCommerce solution to maximize your ROI.

I will make a custom plan built around optimizing your shop merchandise, category and manufacturer pages. We place these pages to provide motivated customers ready to buy your products.

I’ll help you to launch eCommerce website.