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Facts About Dallas Local Business

Dallas is a fast growing city that is attracting lots of local and small business in the United States with the priority to become a city of balanced growth and development opportunities for local and small business where the past neglects of the Southern sector is overcome, and the full economic potential city is realized. As the ninth largest town in the U.S., Dallas boasts a broadly business climate with technological industries.

The growth of a local business is vital to strengthening the economic vitality of Dallas. The city is keen to drive the growth of a local and small business, increase their survival rate, develop an extensive business calling program to identify opportunities for local business growth as well as expansion and promote strategic targets for local business startups.

  • Business Support Service

    The city in partnership with community-based partners and the national business organization provides business advice, technical assistance, and networking to the local business owner.

  • Practical Business Education

    The city offers local business owners access to a practical business education to be able to develop a professional business growth plan to help them generate more profits and also hire new employees.

  • Neighborhood and Economic Development

    The city offers lots of local business activity that adds assets and job to improve the Neighborhoods in all its communities ultimately.

  • Coalition Building Between the City and the Community

    The city involves its community in support of local business and also forms Small Business Advisory Group(s) to obtain regular feedback from the local business community in the city.

  • Access to Capital

    Dallas has several local business loan providers with their primary mission to help local business with access to capital for the success of their business.

  • Local Business Growth

    Dallas continues to diversify its economy and reduce its reliance on the main companies by developing strategic initiatives that will help local entrepreneurs to get started, grow and survive.

  • Procurement Opportunities

    The Business Development and Procurement service (BDPS) in Dallas has a well-structured procurement program that is aimed at increasing the number of local business that sells goods and services to the city and its surroundings since local and small business owners usually lack the ideal knowledge to navigate the process to become a supplier.

  • Community Outreach Liaison Program

    The city in partnership with community organizations, industrial and advocacy groups promote entrepreneurship and link prospects to business opportunities with the city.

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