Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion rate optimization is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers.

I’ll test interface of conversion forms, landing pages and make recommendations how to make it better for your clients.

CRO process

It helps to drive more conversions from your website
Data collection
I’ll collect data from all sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, your CRM, etc.
Data analysis
I’ll get together all data and make SWOT analysis.
KPIs tracking
I’ll group all necessary for conversion rate data and set up KPIs that are targeted to achieve your business purposes.
Optimization plan
It will be a clear optimization plan that will affect on KPIs raising.
On-page changes
On-page changes that are necessary to raise conversion rate on each page of your website.
I’ll create few gipotizis and test them on your visitors. We will choose a more potent variant.
Not finished yet
Next staging: usability optimization

About Igor Lav

Your website’s conversion rate is how many times a user completes a target divided by your website traffic. CRO occurs after the user makes it to your website. This differs from conversion optimization for SEO or paid advertisements which concentrate on who clicks through to a website from the natural search results, how many clicks you receive, and which keywords are driving traffic.

Igor Lav lecture for IT-Forum 2016

SEO Expert US

Video (Rand Fishkin) – the big cicture of CRO

My Report Will Give Answers

  1. Analyze what is the historical data saying? Are prospects confused or guided? I leverage the information to drive the improvement procedure.
  2. Layout is the design and components increasing bounce rate? Designers will craft the best experiment variations based the information, test hypotheses, your visual style not to mention user experience.
  3. Experiment what are you learning about your customers and your company with testing? We help you answer these kinds of questions and more with our hands-on approach.

My CRO Experiments

  • Heat Map Tracking incorporating heat map monitoring enables us to see precisely what people do on your site: the links they’re clicking most, where their focus is being targeted, etc. We can then use this information to make adjustments to messaging, colors, or call-to-action button positioning;
  • A/B Testing is when you have two slightly different versions of the same page and divide the visitors visiting those pages. This enables us to test various elements of this page-colour, messaging, call-to-action, etc. We drive all new visitors to pages with higher conversion rate.

I’ll help to rise quantity of conversions.