Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing strategy it’s creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content. I’ll provide a plan of publishing new content, that will be attractive to your target audience.

    Content marketing process

    Producing high quality content:

    1. Content plan – I’ll create an excellent content plan based on a keywords file and competitor websites content analysis.
    2. Creation of content – I’ll make Technical Task on new content creation for copywriters. There will be titles, meta descriptions, H1-H6 headers and words amount for each new page we need to create.
    3. Publishing new content – I’ll accurately post content with images, videos and infographics. It will be easy to read and understand such articles.
    4. Distribution and promotion – I’ll make press-releases, Facebook ads to promote your new content. We’ll influence on a large audience of your potential customers.
    5. Analyzing of results – I’ll collect information about traffic and conversions on each page. It will help to make corrections of our content strategy and publish most effective content in future.

    Result of my work – organic traffic grew. Google likes websites with quality and interesting content, so be sure that it will reward you with free organic traffic.

    Next staging: On-Page SEO

    Seo Expert Igor Lav

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    About Igor Lav Content Marketing Service

    Content marketing helps businesses to achieve dependable and cost-effective sources of leads and website traffic. The source of traffic and leads from your posts will provide you a great field to experiment with marketing tactics, such as sponsored posts, social media and content distribution. Also, your content will not only help raise visibility in Search Engines, attract more leads but create awareness for your brand and it will also contribute to educating your target prospects.

    Website Analysis

    SEO Audit

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    Online Store Optimization

    eCommerce SEO

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    What Things to Pay Attention

    1. Your target audience.
    2. Your business objectives.
    3. Sources of content promotion.

    Features of Modern Content Marketing

    • Shareable content drives awareness around your brand – it will be shared by them for a recommendation via email, their social accounts or word-of-mouth if readers engage. Everyone is an influencer today!
    • Content drives results from SEO – it became important since sites are content and being found, relies on articles.
    • Content drives purchases – I base our choices on content researching for purchases that are offline or when shopping online. Content marketing strategy includes content on social nets, online bloggers, comparison websites and many other types of site which help influence and engagement sales and is significantly broader than your site.

    Small Business Promotion

    SEO For Startup

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    Content marketing is about supplying the content to your prospects in function of their needs, desires, reading tastes, etc. And, certainly in B2B, concerning the life cycle. In the end, that is customer-centricity and so, by definition, cross-channel and multi-channel.