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A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent).

I’ll give you a list of keywords that competitors are ranked in TOP-100 of

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About Igor Lav Competitive Keyword Research

Competitive keyword research should play in integral role in your organic SEO strategy. Knowing who your competitors are and the keywords they are targeting for is essential to staying profitable in your pursuit to acquire more gain.

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Advantages Of Keyword Analysis

  • Seeing how well other websites perform;
  • Identifying keyword opportunities;
  • Excluding keywords that are out of your reach;
  • Using your findings to make future Search Engine Optimization content and direct your strategy.

What I Can Do

  1. Compare your website with any competitor and provide you insights.
  2. Save your time studying and comparing domains.
  3. Identify your competitor’s unique keywords that they rank for, but you do not.
  4. Find opportunities to control the competition through your specific keywords and topics.
  5. Unveil competitor’s content/topic plans and find new business markets and competitive opportunities.

A competitive keyword analysis is an important part of keyword research process. Your competitors may have a more trusted website or understand something through their information which you don’t. It’s important to learn what they are applying for and what’s driving them traffic since if their positioning in Google is working for them, it’s a high possibility it will work for you also.

Employ my keyword research to your site. Take in mind your customers do not always use the very same keywords as you when looking for your services or products. I’ll find new keywords that perform exceptionally well during my competitive analysis and make it a part of our SEO.

I’ll collect all keywords of competitors.