SEO Competitive Analysis

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Competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. I’ll give you a list of keywords that competitors are ranking in Google TOP-100, backlinks with TF/CF evaluation, URLs structure. It empowers you to know who you are competing with, survey their shortcomings and qualities, what they are doing, where they are in the Google SERP, which content is driving engagement and significantly more.

    Competitor analysis process

    It takes 30-40 hours to analyze 10 competitor websites:

    1. Website structure analysis – a report with a structure of product or services pages of your competitors. It can be used while creating your website structure to cover all niche.
    2. Domain age – age of the domain or web page it is one of the Google ranking factors. So you will know how old your competitors are and how much time you need to get to the TOP.
    3. Number of indexed pages by Google – is competitor websites are big? How many pages are in Google index? You will know what minimal budget you need to create new pages.
    4. Traffic analysis – what are sources of traffic? Maybe your competitors are running PPC campaign or get clients from Facebook. You will know it from my report!
    5. Keywords in TOP-100 of Google – I’ll collect all keywords of your competitors in TOP-100 of Google SERP/PPC and detect which pages are bringing more traffic.
    6. Backlinks collection – what websites are referred to your competitors? Which links are more potent? Which links we can easily replicate? – this information I’ll give you an XLS spreadsheet.

    Result of my work – PDF file and XLS files with strengths and weaknesses of competitors. It’s a basis for a clear plan how to beat your competitors in Google.

    Next staging: content strategy

    An inside and out analysis that licenses and empowers you to re-examine your advertising procedure, where to think your assets that will make the most effect on the advancement of your business.

    The essential target is to help beat your immediate rivalry hands within a given time span and keep up the lead. In figuring your business system, I’ll explore the marketing procedure being executed by prompt and core contenders, as an essential segment of vital research and planning.

    Your rivals will be examined methodically utilizing very much organized procedures, based on my own methodologies that upgrade the compilation of facts from a more extensive range. The primary objective of settling on all around educated choices that will skyrocket your business’ growth.

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    About Igor Lav SEO Competitor Report

    By identifying certain keywords that are in demand, you can build an SEO strategy that can help you maximize your competitive advantages. By doing an SEO competitor analysis, you can learn how your site compares to other top-performing websites in your niche, and possibly get some new ideas on the best way to structure your site and build your content in a manner that attracts more traffic.

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    Competitive Backlink Analysis

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    Competitive Keyword Analysis

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    Why I Analyze Competitors for SEO?

    1. Find what they’re doing well.
    2. Find strategic advantages.
    3. Find keywords and link opportunities.

    Actions Within My Competitive Analysis

    • Identify the competition – using valuable keyword phrases for your business I’ll identify who your competitors are in the Google SERP. I’ll consult with you to discuss prioritizing your list of competitors in Search Engines TOP.
    • Keyword analysis – I’ll look at keyword phrases being used by your company and compare them with the ones in use by your competitors. Make a list of common and missing keywords. This allows us to understand better which phrases you need to highlight and which ones are less important for your website.
    • Backlinks gathering – I’ll look at who is linking to your competitors and why. I’ll analyze their link building strategies and provide clear recommendations for how to gain the edge over your competitors for backlinks to you.

    Online Reputation Management


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    Results of this sort of analysis may surprize you. Perhabs you’re competing with the wrong businesses or you were missing out on some profitable.