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Facts About Columbus Local Business

The beautiful city of Columbus centrally located between Chicago and New York City is one of the most diverse and dynamic Metropolitan regions in the United States. The city is among the country’s growth leaders and ranked first among the Midwest’s largest metro in several categories such as population growth, job growth, GDP growth and wage growth. Small and local business has driven these development achieved by the city.

On April 27, during the Columbus Business Recognition Award, local businesses were lauded for the significant impact in the economy of the city. However, Growth is in this city is certain to continue due to the young, educated workplace, aggressive development effort and institutional and geographical advantage of the city. With a combination of tactics, healthy environment and different competition, Columbus makes a fertile ground for the growth of local business.

  • Research and Innovations

    Behind the critical technologies of today and front-line discovery of the future, major research institutes in Columbus continues to drive significant global innovation. Local business in this region benefits tremendously from this talent pool.

  • City’s Prospect

    Columbus 2020 and several other organizations in the city and collaborating to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into companies and businesses into the engine of employment creation and technology.

  • Local and Global Network Access

    Columbus has a distinct movement of goods with all forms of transport intersecting at the Rickenbacker Inland Port. An efficient interstate highway system, railways connected to major seaports and air cargos route to international hubs offer numerous advantages to local business. The premier location of the city at the center of the most densely populated area in the United States provides local business with excellent access to North America consumer population, corporate headquarters locations, and the United States manufacturing capacity.

  • Financial Activities and Incentives

    The growth of the business is remarkable in the city. The banking industry provides support for the start of local business, fund new line of equipment, provide working capital and allow companies to hire new employees. The city offer incentives for local business to thrive to be able to build a sustainable tax base to contribute to the economic and diversity of the city.

  • Annual Fairs and Events

    The city host several annual festivals and activities that bring tourists, outsiders, and residents of Columbus together. This event provides a remarkable opportunity for local business to promote their business and increase their name recognition via advertising, setting information booths or sponsoring the event.

  • Haven for Local Business

    Columbus is known for its proud tradition of developing the local business into high growth business and Fortune 500 companies. The city is being recognized as the startup city to watch due to its affordable business costs as well as a collaborative community.

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