Case Study Increase of Conversion Rate

    New Year Online Shop Conversions


    Increase organic traffic from Google.

    Increase the number of conversions in 2 times.

    What I’ve done as a first staging?

    SEO audit
    Indicated all SEO issues.
    Semantic core
    Collected keywords by commercial and informational queries.
    Usability audit
    Made recommendations how to improve website usability and conversion rate.
    Competitor analysis
    Analysed TOP-10 competitor sites.
    Check screenshots below
    Checkout form

    Checkout form

    Site is pretty cool, so it hasn’t many SEO issures. Main problem – not full semantic core. Some high frequency and most of long tail keywords wasn’t implemented in it’s structure.

    Seccond staging – implementation of changes

    Elimination of error
    Create new listings of products for each group of queries from semantic core, fix duplicates of titles, fill empty meta description, add missing headers H1, fix 301 redirects, 404 errors and others.
    Finalization of site interface
    Add a call to action, change conversion button, add social proof and other elements to boost conversions.
    Text editing
    Add more useful content to pages, write selling texts instead of the usual using semantic core.
    I monitored the implementation of my recommendations.


    Goals are achieved. The number of conversions increased from 193 to 390, organic traffic increased from 13k to 18k (compared with the previous year). Result is on screenshot from Google Analytics.

    PeriodSep 2015Dec 2015Total
    SEO worksSEO audit, CRO, Usability optimization
    Quantity of Conversions83390+227%

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