Case Study Google Increase Organic Traffic

    Case Study Organic Traffic Increase Tourism


    Rise organic traffic in 2 times for 6-9 months.

    Use only White Hat SEO methods.

    What I’ve done as a first staging?

    SEO audit
    Indicated all SEO issues.
    Semantic core
    Collected keywords by commercial and informational queries.
    Competitor analysis
    Analysed TOP-10 competitor sites.
    Site architecture
    Created new structure of TOP-menu, categories, tags.
    Check screenshots below
    Case SEO checklist

    Case SEO checklist

    Case keywords collection

    Case keywords collection

    Site is pretty cool, so it hasn’t many SEO issures. Main problem – not full semantic core. Some high frequency and most of long tail keywords wasn’t implemented in it’s structure.

    Seccond staging – implementation of changes

    Created new pages
    20 new categories and +400 tags.
    Titles and meta tags
    Implemented of titles and meta-description generation.
    Content plan
    Created new descriptions for 120+ commercial pages, 20 blog posts.
    Mobile friendly
    Created task on adaptive design for developer.
    Off-page SEO


    Result +70% traffic for 6 month, work on site is still going, goals almost reached.

    PeriodSep 2015Mar 2016Total
    SEO worksSEO audit, On-page SEO, Link building
    Traffic per month100k170K+70%

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