Content Writing Case Study

Content writing case study


Rise organic traffic for long tail commercial queries.

Rise organic traffic for high frequently informational queries.

What I’ve done as a first staging?

SEO audit
Indicated all SEO issues.
Keyword research
By commercial and informational queries (used KeyCollector tool).
Competitor analysis
Analysed TOP-10 competitor sites.
Website structure
Structure of products catalog and blog.
Check screenshots below
Shop catalog structure

Shop catalog structure

There was no backlinking, only White Hat SEO.

Site is on WordPress, so I implemented changes by myself

Website structure
Added new categories and tags in site architecture.
On-page SEO
Implementation of titles and meta-description generation scheme.
Commercial content writing
Gave task on creation a new content for categories and tags pages.
Informational content writing
Made content-plan on creation of content for blog artices.
I monitored the content writers job results.


Result – work on site is still going. Traffic increasing every month. Used only white-hat SEO.

Period Jun 2016 Jan 2017 Total
SEO works SEO audit, Keyword research, Content strategy, eCommerce SEO
Organic traffic from Google 10,768 38,363 +313%

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