Backlinks Audit Case Studies

Backlinks are among the most important ranking factors to search engines. And it’s a fairly simple idea: the more dependable, relevant resources link to a page, the more valuable and useful that page has to be. Likewise, spammy backlinks are treated as signs of poor quality, decreasing the page’s worth and authority in search engines’ eyes and frequently leading to ranking penalties. This is the reason assessing the status quo and auditing your site’s backlink profile is your first off-page measure to take. It’s imperative that you do that before you even look at a link building campaign this way you will have the ability to remove all links that may endanger your positions, begin clean with constructing fresh, high-quality hyperlinks.

There are loads of reasons you might want to audit backlinks to a site, whether it’s to examine the links are still live and passing link worth, they have been eliminated or no-followed following a connection tidy up, or you wish to get more information on the hyperlinks which Google Search Console does not provide.

The trick to a fantastic audit of any sort is to collect reliable data and put it into a format that’s as easy as possible to digest and utilize. While there’s a good deal of data to handle in these clocks, any less and you would not have as complete a picture. Though this method isn’t automated, it dramatically speeds up the process of conducting a backlink audit, reduces the time you will need to spend on any particular page judging your links and allows for faster majority decisions.