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How to Make a Keyword Research?

Keywords are actually words many people type on the Google search bar to search for what they want. It can be a sentence or a brief one with one or two words out. It may not sound like appropriately structured grammatical sentences but it does help you to find what you want.

White Hat Link Building Techniques

The use link building strategies and tactics that put the focus on the human audience are following the policies and rules of the Search Engines. There is difference between the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO that are used in order to improve the ranking of the search engine.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat is a term often used to describe someone with malicious intent, and in the world of computers, it is often in the association of hacking, or in this case, Black Hat SEO techniques.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business?

Do you have a business that you want to easily control and present its information and data to customers? Google My Business is the answer. It’s designed by Google for business owners to present information, upload photos, get reviews and manage their Google+ simultaneously.

What is SEO?

In very simple terms and explanation, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a common practice to raise rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.