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Facts About Baltimore Local Business

Located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, Baltimore is considered as the vital economic center in Maryland. The city is driven by small and medium sized companies who have bigger chances to expand their markets, without really exhausting their capital reserves. Baltimore continues to grow in economic opportunities for local and online business.

The city’s revived downtown and central location among major East Coast cities has made it increasingly attractive to new or expanding businesses. The populous city is renowned for its wide array of service sector such law, finance, maritime commerce, medicine, hospitality, entertainment and health which has impacted the growth of the city and provide means for local and online business to thrive.

  • Information Tech

    Baltimore has the strongest IT market in the United States; the city is ranked higher than areas like Silicon Valley and Boston in term of IT employment concentration. The number of government in the city has led to the huge volume of legal contracting firm in IT and defense.

  • Accelerated Investment

    The city and its economic development agencies are presently investing in accelerators and great boot camps for local and new business owners to their companies forward to the top-rated level.

  • Thriving Social Innovation

    Baltimore offers full support for wide range of mission and non-profit committed to solve the city’s societal and most critical social challenges.

  • Employment Opportunities

    The region has numerous local private sectors employer making it’s the city with the minimum unemployment rate and also ranked 20th largest metro area in the United States.

  • Innovation Hub

    Due to the need for tight and communal space in which local and new business can co-work and collaborate, the city harbors several companies, Universities and agencies that offer entrepreneur all stripes of clear and creative space to work. Baltimore encompasses multiple sectors with distinctive regional strength in technology and cyber security, several companies in the city are using technology to improve the economic growth of the city and also providing an innovative solution to the nation’s growing cyber threats.

  • Development Projects

    Baltimore is continuing its redevelopment program for its Inner Harbor and downtown areas. Since 2010 till date, several developmental projects have been created in the city to boost and strengthen its economy.

  • Commercial Shipping

    Availability of international airport known as Baltimore Washington International Airport, good railway system, maritime port system and several major interstates highways has made local, new and foreign business investors to maximize the benefit of commercial business to strengthen the business both locally and internationally.

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