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Facts About Atlanta Local Business

Atlanta is a “city on the move” in more ways than one. Originating as a rail terminus in the nineteenth century and becoming an airline hub in the twentieth, Atlanta is becoming a potential city for local and online business. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and its largest city, as well as the seat of Fulton County. It is located south of the Appalachian Mountains in northwestern Georgia.

Atlanta was ranked #1 for the city with a minimal cost of doing business by Business Facilities Magazine in 2014. Atlanta and the state of Georgia have a reputation for being a pro-business state as they offer a variety of incentives for local and domestic businesses to relocate, including assistance with site selection, as well as bonds, loans, and other incentives.

  • Diverse Local Industry

    Most growing local industries are attracted to Atlanta for its healthy economic climate and diversity of local and online business such as life science, financial technology, digital marketing, health care and manufacturing. This has been a significant advantage to the city and protects the city when a single industry dips.

  • Future Focus on Internet Service

    AT&T Mobility’s Smart Cities Initiative affiliated with the mayor’s office and the Georgia Institute of Technology is exploring the internet service to better the city local and online business. They are keen on integrating smart technology in the region to support infrastructure, improve marketing strategies, manage traffic and create a better quality of life to Atlanta. A recent announcement from Google tagged Atlanta as one of the cities in which it is rolling out Google Fiber, its high-speed internet service.

  • Talent Rich

    Atlanta’s abundant and diverse labor pool keeps the talent pipeline well-primed with about 275,000 college students and 50,000 technical college students that are job-ready. The Georgia Institute of Technology was named the top public university producing the best startup talent in 2015. Atlanta also ranks third in the U.S. for STEM employment growth.

  • State Programs

    Atlanta has business-friendly tax laws; the city does not make use of the unitary tax method but instead taxes businesses only on income apportioned to the city. Attractive inventory tax exemptions are available in all metropolitan Atlanta counties, and sales and property tax exemptions are available for certain pollution control equipment used in production.

  • Convenient Transportation

    Atlanta is a city that harbors the world’s busiest airport Known as Hartsfield-Jackson International. This airport has helped the city with a convenient transport system for local business. A business owner can meet with their international client and easily carry their goods in and out the city. Additionally, MARTA which is the famous city’s bus and railway system provides convenient transport scheme for local trade in the city also, they key to attracting tech employees in the area. Atlanta transportation system is the “secret weapon” for his tech and security firm.

  • Commercial Shipping

    An extensive array of air, rail, and truck connections makes Atlanta a city with a robust cargo industry. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the primary focus of activity. A Foreign Trade Zone located near the airport at the Atlanta Trade port offers companies with an opportunity to delay, reduce, or eliminate customs duty on imported items, while the U.S. Customs Service Model Inland Port is a highly computerized center designed to expedite quick clearance for international freight.

  • Development Projects

    The staging of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta had a profound impact on development that extends till today. Atlanta has long been the center of business activity and development in the Southeast.

  • Increase in Private Sector Jobs

    The growing no of private sector jobs in Atlanta since 2011 has been an added advantage, reducing the unemployment rate to about 5.5%. According to a recent survey, more than 467,000 private sectors job have been added to the prominent city.

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